1. What are articles/canned responses and how do I use them?

  2. AD MP - Global Catalog Data Sources query any GC in the domain

  3. SQL Query monitor

  4. better query builder

  5. Improved WMI query bulding functionality

  6. Dynamic Graphic Charts In Dashboards based on SQL queries

  7. Design Scom to support Kusto language instead of SQL Query

  8. False "Zone Query Overload" alerts from DNS Management Pack

  9. SCSM Connector that write CI Data back to scom for SCOM Objects. Like Relationships or Additional Data

  10. Node properties should reflect currently effective data  ·  started

  11. Possibility of changing the data type when creating Linux monitors

  12. Bug in AD MP - Domain Member Global Catalog Performance Data Source

  13. Write to DB when alert has been raised.

  14. Include performance data for Azure Stack PAAS Capacities (MSSQL, MYSQL, etc)

  15. The ability to groom data based on server role or type or environment

  16. Agent Discovery Data: CreateDiscoveryData accepts on source and target directly a GUID

  17. Monitor named "Performance Data collection health" needs to be fine tuned in a way that it does not overload the SQL Server when enabled.

  18. Invalid ‘Data Access Service SPN Not Registered’ entries in the ‘Operations Manager’ event log

  19. SCOM 2019 - Data Warehouse failed to deploy reports for a management pack to SQL Reporting Services Server

  20. Normalize Data in the SCOM DW so that reports like the "Top N" report can be run against all OSes in one report.

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