1. Extended properties for classes to add custom attributes.

  2. Parsing SNMP traps

  3. Subscription & alert integration + better formatted email support.

  4. Limit the Grooming Settings or improve database indexes

  5. Connect the HealthService watcher connectivity status to WindowsComputer

  6. Fix Disk Partition to Logical Disk Discovery Rule (fails on Spanned Volumes)

  7. A powershell command for removing network devices so i can run it from Orchestrator

  8. somehow link the Cluster MP & Hyper-V MP together so the Cluster MP knows which servers are replica's.

  9. DHCP Management Pack best practice settings published.

  10. TSelf-signed certificates on each managed computer should be removed as it hinders environments where a STIG disallows self signed certs

  11. Add overridable perfomance collection optimization for nix management packs

  12. Reduce the timeout for Rules and monitors in Network Management Pack monitoring

  13. Subscription: SMS channel. Text message field 160 characters limit

  14. Allow to install the Operations Manager DB in a SQL cluster instance with mount point

  15. Allow the ability to create views with "Not" as a criteria

  16. DFSR management pack performance colleciton rules bug

  17. Ability to Make dashboards public and not require a login without relying on sharepoint.

  18. Bug in SCOM 1801 webconsole view (with workaround)

  19. A survey on usability of manual reset of monitors

  20. Forest trusts are not discovered if Root Management Server is located in a child domain and not in the forest root domain. The ADTopologyDis

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