1. Connect the HealthService watcher connectivity status to WindowsComputer

  2. Fix Disk Partition to Logical Disk Discovery Rule (fails on Spanned Volumes)

  3. somehow link the Cluster MP & Hyper-V MP together so the Cluster MP knows which servers are replica's.

  4. A powershell command for removing network devices so i can run it from Orchestrator

  5. DHCP Management Pack best practice settings published.

  6. TSelf-signed certificates on each managed computer should be removed as it hinders environments where a STIG disallows self signed certs

  7. Subscription: SMS channel. Text message field 160 characters limit

  8. Allow to install the Operations Manager DB in a SQL cluster instance with mount point

  9. Allow the ability to create views with "Not" as a criteria

  10. Ability to Make dashboards public and not require a login without relying on sharepoint.

  11. Bug in SCOM 1801 webconsole view (with workaround)

  12. A survey on usability of manual reset of monitors

  13. Forest trusts are not discovered if Root Management Server is located in a child domain and not in the forest root domain. The ADTopologyDis

  14. Schedule on overrides

  15. support maintenance schedules which targets a SCOM group with a lot of members

  16. Provide fast Web-based Dashboard-functionality  ·  completed

  17. Fix the Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.Computer.Discovery

  18. Alert history is not updated correctly from within widgets  ·  completed

  19. dashboard  ·  completed

  20. Develop Office 365 Synthetic Transaction Management Pack

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