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Allow overrides for the health state conditions on a monitor

SCOM overrides only allow you to change the severity of an alert that is generated by a monitor.

I have the need to be able to also change the health state that the monitor goes into when it goes into an error state.

Example: I am running the SQL management pack which comes with the monitor, "Page Life Expectancy". This monitor generates alerts, and those alerts are of a Critical severity by default. Using overrides, I can change the alert severity to something lower if I'd like, such as warning or informational.

What I can't do, and have a strong need for is the ability to change the behavior of the monitor itself and the health state that the monitor goes into when it is in an error state. For "Page Life Expectancy" the monitor goes into a Critical health state when the error condition is reached, and there is no way for me to edit this.

I am working with a customer to display dashboard information about the health of their environment. In this case, the "Page Life Expectancy" monitor is causing aggregate views to show in a critical state when the monitor is in the error condition.

I would like to be able to change this behavior to make it so the health state goes into a warning state instead. That way when this monitor is triggered, it only causes the aggregate view on the customer's dashboard to go to a warning state, as we feel that is more appropriate for this customer's environment.

Without this ability, the only other recourse is to disable any built in monitors that don't have desired health state behavior, and recreate them as "custom" monitors, which can be complex, time consuming and can be difficult to maintain.

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  • Justin Boerrigter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Ralph,
    you may want to check out Live Maps, this does generate group level health states which you can overrides more to your liking to allow the roll up to reflect the correct health state you wish. It also auto creates the groups you want to make your life easier to design the dashboards.

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